The Best Deal Online plush from drawing: star buckie coffee plushie

The Best Deal Online plush from drawing:'star buckie coffee plushie

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This is Star Buckie. A girl made a sweet drawing of her favorite coffee latte. You might recognize a well known logo...This is a sweet and cuddly coffee to start your day with!

The plushie was on request made rather small...a lot of tiny details to make. Especially at the logo and all the fine lines. A lot of handstitching was required.
The material is felt for small details, wool for the line drawing, fleece and nicky velours.

The toy is about 9.8 inch / 25 cm.

If you have an idea for your own custom order, just let me know! Just mail me your drawing so we can talk about it.

Please keep in mind: I only make characters as custom order for the designer.
In this case...I made a plushie resembling a well known brand but only because the drawing was an original enough artwork.